P0licy Education & Member Mobilization

Congress and the White House can seem distant from our lives and difficult to impact. Either in-person or virtually, AnnDyl will support our clients ensuring they can make their voices heard with their elected officials. Our services include:

  • Policymaker Targeting: We identify key policymakers and offices most critical to hearing client messages.
  • Message Development & Talking Points: We use client materials and reports as well as our existing expertise and insights to develop talking points for participants to use during meetings.
  • Collateral: We prepare policy fact sheets and potentially other leave-behind material for policymakers and their staff.
  • Scheduling Meetings: We schedule meetings with identified targets and manage calendar invitations to staff and participants.
  • Participant Correspondence: We draft correspondence for participants, including information about logistics and meeting substance.
  • Prep Call with Participants: We host Policymaker 101 Sessions and prep calls.
  • Lead Meetings and Virtual Day: We take the lead and facilitate engagement during the meetings and ensure strong advocacy for policy priorities.
  • Social Media: We use social media to maximize the impact of the event.
  • Meeting Follow ups & Recap: We follow up with offices met with during the Lobby Day to thank staff, provide additional information/respond to requests as needed, and provide a recap.

Education & Training Services

AnnDyl can provide simple and more in-depth training services. Through tailored webinars, workshops, and seminars, we can provide the background and hands-on training for understanding how average citizens can influence the law-making process. We demystify the institutions and provide a straight-forward “How To” guide for anyone interested in navigating the complexities of the legislative process.

Whether interested in the federal or a state government, AnnDyl can teach you about the relevant decision-makers and access points and provide an insider’s view of how the Legislative and Executive branches conduct the peoples’ business so you can make an impact.

Policymaker Education 101

Presentations on how to use face-to-face visits with state or federal policymakers to educate and build relationships and share the client’s story. We explain the type of collateral needed, how to identify offices, and how to deliver messages during visits.