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Policy Strategy Services

Our team helps clients identify problems, develop solutions, educate policymakers and advance policy goals on matters involving energy efficiency, demand response and smart grid, renewable energy, and climate policy matters. We leverage our relationships with policymakers and industry stakeholders as well as our technical knowledge gained through years of policy, advocacy, and business experience.

AnnDyl organized and facilitated a policymaker education day in Washington, DC for MDBPA in 2017.

Legislative Advocacy and Support Services

We provide legislative services related to authorizations, appropriations, and tax policy at the federal and state levels. AnnDyl team members draft legislation, submit funding requests, and advocate directly for changes as the “voice” of our clients. As the policy “eyes and ears” for our client, AnnDyl keeps clients informed of key developments on the federal and state level, including monitoring hearings and providing reports on legislative and executive policy changes.

AnnDyl legislative services include:

  • Monitoring all legislation on designated issues, providing analyses and side by side comparisons of new bills and regular status updates.
  • Developing legislative concepts and support the drafting of legislation with policymakers and their staff.
  • Identifying key legislative targets for direct advocacy and follow-up with policymaker-education meetings.
  • Engaging executive branch career and political appointees to advance executive cation and energy agendas.
  • Creating opportunities to “sign-on” to federal state and federal efforts and join like-minded business and NGO interests in support of key policies.
  • Developing of membership engagement materials to keep internal stakeholders aware and aligned on policy activities.
  • Conducting ”Policymaker Education” days in Washington, D.C. and state capitals
  • Providing expert witness testimony on clean energy and climate change before Congressional and state legislative committees.

Regulatory Advocacy and Support Services

We provide regulatory support services to our clients at the state, regional transmission organization (RTO) and federal levels. AnnDyl monitors key proceedings and ensures clients are aware of Public Utilities Commission (PUC) news and policy changes.

AnnDyl regulatory services include:

  • Providing strategic analysis to identify jurisdictions that have regulatory frameworks that can benefit our clients.
  • Helping our clients understand how particular regulatory changes will impact them.
  • Monitoring of, and reporting on, regulatory proceedings that are of vital importance to our clients.
  • Filing comments and interventions in key proceedings.
  • Raising our clients’ profiles in the regulatory community through conferences, speaking engagements and one-on-one meetings with regulators.
  • Advocating on behalf of our clients in working groups and trade associations.

AnnDyl staff has extensive experience in electric and gas regulatory proceedings across the United States and will use that experience to drive our clients’ business interests. 

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