Our connection to the clean energy community and policy experience in federal energy and environmental issues provides clients with focused and quality representation, advocacy, and outreach assistance. At AnnDyl, we recognize that our clients have varying needs and requirements when it comes to their public policy and strategic goals. Our services range from Advocacy Education and Training to Outreach and Strategic Marketing to Policy Issue Updates and Advocacy Support. All of our services are delivered with experience and the dedication you would expect from a dynamic professional practice.

Listing of our services:

Legislative and Regulatory Policy  Trusted professionals positioned to help partner clients develop solutions on matters involving energy efficiency, demand response and smart grid, and renewable energy policy matters. We leverage relationships and industry knowledge gained through years of policy, advocacy, and international energy and climate engagement experience. Click here for more information.

Congressional Monitoring Coverage  Using sophisticated software combined with our analysis experience, AnnDyl helps to deepen client’s engagement with Congress and the Administration.  Click here for more information.

The AnnDyl Policy Issue Update  Expert staff collect and analyze the news and stories that matter most to our clients. The AnnDyl Policy Update is an electronic distribution of information that keeps our clients apprised of new developments in select policy areas. It is available daily.  Click here for more information.

Outreach and Strategic Marketing  We provide strategic marketing support and guidance to our private company clients and membership recruitment services to our national trade association partners.  Click here for more information.

Advocacy Education and Training Services  AnnDyl offers programs, classes, webinars and seminars, and hands-on training for understanding how average citizens can influence the law making process.  Click here for more information.

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