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As U.S. energy demand increases, we can mitigate rising consumption through common sense clean energy policies which support a growing economy and sustainable practices.

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 Key Research & Publications  

The energy and environment industry and electricity markets are both complex and dynamic.  Reports on emerging trends and policies in these arenas are being released with increasing frequency. As technology improves and energy consumers obtain their information from a wider variety of sources, keeping up with important research and reports increases in importance.  The AnnDyl Policy Group monitors research on issues impacting the clean energy industries. This review helps inform our work and allows us to determine the most important and insightful energy analysis being published. Below is a list of recently-released key research and publications pertaining to the clean energy industry, each with a brief summary of major findings.  Click on the report title to view/download the full report.


Unlocking the Value of Energy & Operational Data
While some energy projects have a payback of 15 years, or even longer, the implementation of a lighting controls system can sometimes have a payback of two to three years. But there is a benefit that goes beyond immediate energy savings: the data-gathering opportunities that can bring even more long-term value to the upgrade.

The report explains how to gain value from the operational data you mine from intelligent lighting systems. It includes descriptions of data mining opportunities, real-life cost-savings that companies have seen from using mined data, concrete steps to take to improve organizational efficiencies, and specific questions and answers that will help you get started.

Energy Financing Report
Facilities managers and commercial property owners increasingly accept that they can save their company significant amounts of money through reduced energy use and lower plant operating costs. But engaging in energy efficiency projects and upgrades can be costly and companies don’t always have the funds to get started. Fortunately, funding options are available for companies that know how to find them.

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