Policy Issue Updates

The AnnDyl Policy Issue Update is an electronic distribution focused on legislative, political, regulatory, and business-related news and analysis of interest to our clients.  The AnnDyl Update keeps our clients apprised of new developments in the policy issue area that matters to them, providing valuable insight on the latest public policy developments from Capitol Hill and state/local governments, and spotlighting issues related to key policy areas.  Clients ask for targeted AnnDyl Updates because they are tired of the barrage of information from different news sources without a filter to feature the most important stories from the most relevant news coverage in Washington and around the country. 

The selected articles are carefully chosen from a wide variety of news media, from local publications to nationally-circulated trade press and major outlets.  Many of the articles come from highly-acclaimed publications covering legislation, public policy, and political climate developments around the country.  Key reports issued from Congress or NGOs are attached to the Update as soon as they are published to ensure that timely publications do not need to be searched for and that clients are always in the loop on groundbreaking studies.  Relevant editorial articles and blog posts are also included in the Update when clearly relevant, giving our clients insight into what other experts and influential figures are saying about their policy issue area.

AnnDyl Energy Policy Update: AnnDyl clients not requesting a tailored, targeted report receive daily Energy Policy Updates highlighting news related to our core policy issue areas of expertise: energy efficiency and smart grid policy.  Sent out each morning by 8 a.m., this service allows our clients to quickly and conveniently catch-up on news coverage of energy efficiency and smart grid policy-related developments in Washington and around the country.

Client Tailored Weekly Update: AnnDyl also offers a weekly Policy Update tailored to client-specific policy issue areas.  This weekly Update highlights news related to the policy issues that matter the most to a client.  Sent out at the end of every week, the tailored Policy Update allows our clients to quickly and conveniently catch-up on the week’s news coverage of relevant policy-related developments in Washington and around the country.

Client Tailored Daily Update with Analysis: AnnDyl’s most prized updates are tailored, daily news updates introduced by insights from our Senior Policy Experts providing context to the stories and why and how they matter.  Our experts provide the inside scoop on the news that is reported and why it matters to their client’s policy goals.

Click here to download a PDF of our Policy Issue Updates.

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