Policy Strategy Services

The AnnDyl Policy Group is an energy and environmental policy strategy firm that proudly serves the energy efficiency and clean energy industries, including technology and financial sector companies, energy trade associations, and non-profit organizations with government affairs and strategic policy guidance. An integral component of our services includes trusted professionals who devote time, energy, and innovative thinking to develop strategies and solutions on matters involving energy efficiency, demand response and smart grid, and renewable energy policy matters. We accomplish this by leveraging policymaker and industry stakeholder relationships and technical knowledge gained through years of policy, advocacy, and international energy and climate engagement experience.

Experienced Professionals provide expert policy analysis, policymaker education, advocacy, and other government affairs services. Our senior executives have served as legislative and policy advisers to members of Congress and Congressional committees, Governor staff, leading energy efficiency renewable energy and utility organizations, trade associations and coalitions. Through this experience and unparalleled connections on Capitol Hill and within the energy efficiency and clean energy sectors, the AnnDyl team is expertly situated to cover and advance authorizing legislation, appropriations, tax policy, and regulations at the federal and state levels to achieve client goals.

Policy and Advocacy Services range from identifying opportunities for clients to develop new programs and/or participate in the national and state-level energy debate to providing issue coverage, analysis, policy strategy, and advocacy efforts. By engaging with legislators, regulators, and other officials on behalf of our clients, AnnDyl spearheads policymaker education and acts as the eyes and ears for our clients so they know what they need to know without leaving their offices. For clients that want to be actively engaged in the policymaking process, we can help craft and advance legislation, facilitate meetings with key policymakers, and run large-scale education days for maximum impact. Policymaker Education Days allow us to provide our clients with direct contact with legislators, administration officials, regulators, and their staff – putting a face to your company and industry, demonstrating to policymakers that your work represents American jobs, and providing information key to the policy initiatives. These targeted days are also a great opportunity for associations and coalitions to advance member engagement and even encourage new membership among industry professionals interested in having their voices heard at the government level.

AnnDyl's policy and advocacy services benefit clients that want to see their issues taken seriously by policymakers at the federal and state level. AnnDyl is widely known for designing effective congressional and state advocacy campaigns that meet the needs of organizations and interest groups.

Our experts can also easily orchestrate the entire Capitol Hill or state legislature experience from pre-briefings and education of those participating to scheduling meetings and booking lunches/receptions. In addition, we provide an original program on the legislative process called “Understanding How Congress Works," as well as additional seminars focused on state-level advocacy. Click here to learn more about AnnDyl’s education and training services.

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