Congressional Monitoring Services

AnnDyl provides congressional monitoring, legislative tracking, and strategic outreach services aimed at increasing client understanding of, and influence on, key policies.    Our database and upgraded search and analysis features are designed to ensure precise and timely coverage -- from legislative action and voting trends to changing political climates and key policymaker developments.  Through these tools and resources, AnnDyl helps to deepen client’s engagement with Congress and the administration.

Exclusive Access – What’s Notable:  AnnDyl has insider access to news and analysis from the floor, committee markups, hearings and more, and can review and deliver in-depth analysis of legislative and voting trends on policy issues important to clients.  We provide information as general or as specific as the task requires including copies of key congressional letters, statements,  whip-counts, to the daily schedules of congressional leadership, House and Senate Committees, the White House, departments and agencies, federal courts, and policy/issue groups.

Valuable Resources:
  Through us, clients now have an opportunity to view issues and legislative proceedings using the same resources available to Members of Congress.  Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports provide expert analysis of an issue at every stage of the legislative process and are made possible by using the nation’s most comprehensive database –information generation from the Library of Congress. 

Enhanced Database:  Using new sophisticated software, AnnDyl maintains the most complete and accurate legislator and congressional staff data, allowing us to expertly manage our congressional interactions and achievements on behalf of our clients.  Through our congressional database we create and use lists of key congressional targets based on the policy issue, political climate, and/or strategic goal to help drive home client messages in Congress and the administration.

Click here to download a PDF of our Congressional Monitoring services.

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