Advocacy Education and Training Service

Washington, D.C. can be intimidating given the enormous and imposing buildings and monuments dedicated to history, power and glory. Congress itself can seem far from our reach and distant from our lives. Lobbying scandals and partisan bickering makes us question the law-making process and our role in it. How can citizens and small groups make a difference in the way business is conducted in the nation’s capitol?  How does the system really work and what can we do to stay in charge?

Education and Training Services  Answers to these questions and many more are at the heart of what we do at AnnDyl Policy Group, LLC. Through tailored programs, classes, webinars and seminars, we provide the setting, background and hands-on training for understanding how average citizens can influence the law making process. We will demystify the institution and provide a straight-forward “How To” guide for anyone interested in navigating the complexities of the legislative process.

What You'll Get Out of It  From the novice to the knowledgeable, AnnDyl Policy Group will teach you about Congress, its functions, roles and mission. We will examine the legislative process and uncover the important differences between the House of Representatives and the Senate. Participants also will learn how to use technology to obtain information and convey messages.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
~ Margaret Meade
About Our Approach  Through an interactive, audience-focused set of sessions, we will work together to increase your knowledge about the legislative, decision-making process. We will show you how to use the right tools to get things done in government. Using Congress as the example, our activity-based and case-simulation exercises will help each of you develop the skills necessary to make a difference. Roll-up your sleeves and get ready for a high-tech training session.

Education and Training Services

Through courses, workshops, and webinars, advocacy practitioners and education professionals will provide an insider’s view of how Congress and the Executive Branch conduct the people’s business.  How do two senators from each state in the union work to forge legislation?  What happens when members of Congress resist compromise?  What are the constitutional functions of the Senate and House of Representatives?  How does Congress relate with other political institutions, such as the presidency?

Courses/Webinars   2-hour, 5-hour or 10-hour courses on Congress and the legislative process.  Through interactive and topical sessions, participants will:

  • Learn about Congress
  • Understand how the legislative process works
  • Become skilled at implementing advocacy techniques
  • Develop effective messages
  • Understand how political alliances are built and can work for you
  • Know how to get the most from Congress
  • Discover how to access and use key resources

Workshops  Informal gathering of small groups designed to sharpen participants’ ‘lobbying’ skill.  Through discussion, role-playing and game participation, attendees will gain the right mix of confidence and knowledge to become involved with some of the most important aspects of government.

Presentations on how to use face-to-face visits on Capitol Hill to build relationships with Members of Congress and their staff.  The session will share tips on how to prepare and shape items of discussion as well as how to deliver messages during visits.

Additional seminars are available on how to work with and influence federal regulatory agencies.  Find out how to effectively use scientific, economic, and programmatic data to support your positions, and how to use public relations and the media to influence public opinion to achieve your desired result.

With a little patience, determination and knowledge of the institution and its intricate processes – participants will appreciate how Congress has such power over us –
and over which we wield such power.

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