AnnDyl is all about advancing clients' public policy and business goals.  As a one-stop policy analysis, advocacy and business marketing shop, we help NGOs, foundations, companies, associations and individuals find solutions to complex problems.

Our Approach:  We use our strong relationships developed within Congress and other branches of government, national and international NGOs and corporations to advance energy policy, programs and initiatives.  We also help energy suppliers, users and technology innovators with strategy and analysis support and business networking.   

What Clients Expect:  Clients rely on our business alliances to make connections and open up partnership opportunities among our trade association and energy coalition contacts.   Our client partners, including energy technology companies, a national renewable energy association and municipal electric utilities, also benefit from our legislative education and advocacy training services.  We provide an original program on the legislative process known as, “Understanding How Congress Works.” 

Experience Matters:  Our senior executives have served as legislative and policy advisers to members of Congress and Congressional committees, Governor staff, and leading energy efficiency renewable energy and utility organizations, trade associations and coalitions.

We invite you to learn more about our firm, services and team You can also contact us via our web form or by calling us at 202-621-0045

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